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I am finding 'Self Evaluation Matters' extremely helpful and enlightening.

Head teacher North Yorkshire

Thanks Liz. You are an absolute gem! This will save me days if not weeks - much appreciated and worth every penny!

Head Teacher, Trafford, on receipt of a SEF Transfer

This is the best use of data I've ever seen in a school

HMI during ofsted in Wakefield

The training is of the highest order. Absolutely excellent!

FT Stockton

A simple and effective tracking overview of individual children that teachers can share with children and parents. 

Quotes from an HMI during ofsted in Doncaster

I have learned more today than I ever have on a training day.

Leeds HT

Many thanks for the INSET that you led on Tuesday. The feedback from staff was the most positive I have received from any other INSET since I came here! Comments such as ‘ She was really on our wavelength’ ‘I didn’t feel stupid if I didn’t give her the right answer’ ‘ It all made such sense, and we can use the ideas’, to mention just a few. We are using some of your ideas on Monday for a staff meeting, and hitting while the iron is hot, as they say!

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Maggie Parker, Head Teacher, Tameside

 'Liz's publications  never fail to impress. 'Make Monitoring matter ' lets you get your teeth into moving your school monitoring forward with clear concise structures and formats.Particularly impressive are the breakdown of key questions and the interpretation of what the OFSTED speak ACTUALLY means'

Headteacher in Leeds

Liz has visited our school on  a number of occasions to work on school improvement issues and RAISE analysis. She has been instrumental in raising standards in our school through careful analysis of data and her ability to ask the right questions from the data. She has carried out mini inspections and from that provided clear action points to address areas of development in the school. Liz’s involvement in our school has led to real school improvement and her support has been invaluable.

HT Warrington 2013

I cannot recommend GAL and Liz Greensides in particular highly enough. The courses Liz presents are well planned and delivered with a passion that shows her dedication to ensuring that all teachers are fully equipped to maximise the learning opportunities for the children in their care. Liz has provided many courses on the Wirral; they are always fully booked and are extremely popular. The evaluations are never less than very good and often outstanding.

Development Manager: The Wirral

As usual, the training was exactly tailored to the needs of my school and staff.

Christine Jones, HT Gateshead May 2013

Thank you Liz for the Raiseonline analysis last year. It helped frame hypotheses succinctly and enabled me to evidence against these. In the event we did get 'good' although the data suggested otherwise and the hypotheses the inspector came with, matched yours. I was very grateful.

HT East Sussex May 2013
  • A first class day. Lots of food for thought!
  • So excited to make a start. Excellent personal delivery!
  • Excellent. Great pace and extremely stimulating
  • Highly informative. Super pace. So valuable Thankyou!
  • Very challenging and thought provoking
  • A very informative session with some excellent practical ideas and advice
  • It has given me a point at which to begin a journey. I will never reach the end and if I ever feel that I have 'got there' they can sack me
  • Informative,well paced and filled with rigour!
  • Mind blowing!

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Comments from delegates on Liz's conferences

“Thanks for the report - it has been very useful in writing my new SEF and SDP … I wish I had purchased your service earlier. Money very well spent, and will use the service again!” Order your RAISE Online report now - Only £450

HT Durham - RAISE Analysis Report

Please can you pass our thanks on to Liz for delivering such a great training day for staff last week.  She has supported staff in seeing how easy it can be to implement the new curriculum and helped to get all staff to be on board with the new concepts, such as the Information Station.

It has been great for staff to be given their mojo back and be excited about the future in education.

Angela McDermid, DHT in Gateshead
  • I now have a clear vision for planning our school's curriculum for the future.
  • This course made us really evaluate our approach to the curriculum.
  • Very interesting and informative - I'm not feeliing so scared about it all now.
  • Very thought provoking - lots of chances to talk and discuss the new curriculum.
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