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Rainbow Writing Training

Using Bloom’s Continuum to Teach Writing Across the Primary School.

The Big Question Answered:

How to teach writing effectively, with no Primary Strategy, no Genre, no scaffold, few markers for progress …. ????

Liz Greensides’ practical new e:book and course can be scaled down to a 1:1 consultancy or SLT training day. 

During the day, Liz persuades staff to consider a refreshing way of teaching writing in all its elements – from vocabulary to punctuation, from poetry to story writing – for children of all ages and all abilities. It offers challenge to the most able, but supports those who have difficulty with the basic key skills of writing.

Rooted in the New National Curriculum, this course develops teacher’s thinking about the way in which they plan for children to write – for a purpose, for enjoyment, and with high levels of skill.

Effective cross curricular writing, using all of children’s learned skills, is a major part of this course.

Strategies are given for teachers to:

  • assess children’s attainment and progress in writing
  • use both formative and summative assessment
  • differentiate teaching, learning, and tasks for children of different needs
  • track progress in writing
  • develop writing across the curriculum

For more information about the Rainbow Writing e:book click here