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Make Teaching Stand Out

The leadership role in raising the quality of teaching

This course is suitable for School Clusters, Local Authority Conferences, Leadership Teams

NB: All courses can also be provided as consultancy days for heads and school leaders

Course overview

This course reflects the importance of ensuring high achievement for the children in our schools through a strategic approach to raising the quality of teaching. This is currently a high focus for the DFE and is likely to be continuing priority for current and future Ofsted inspections.
Teaching is acknowledged as being a multi faceted process; this course recognises the various layers, breadth and depth which contribute to this complexity, and investigates how leaders can use a range of simple techniques to simplify the process of monitoring and development.

Attendance at this course will give leaders a clear understanding of:

  • Evidencing the quality of teaching – summative and formative evidence
  • Evaluating the quality of teaching
  • Analysing the judgements of teaching
  • Developing strategies for improvement linked to the specifics of the formative evidence

Although this day clearly links the quality of teaching to the quality of learning and the levels of achievement for the children, it also takes a diagnostic and strategic approach to ways in which teaching can be improved – even for those graded as “outstanding” in lessons.

Delegates will be introduced to a wide range of evaluation criteria, each of which can be used in different monitoring situations. They will also be shown how the same documents can be used developmentally, in identifying specific steps for improvement.

Following the course, colleagues will have the practical and strategic skills to monitor the quality of teaching, to diagnose how it could be better, and to develop effective improvement strategies. All evidence and improvement plans will be excellent support when working with Governors, SIPs, Ofsted, and other improvement partners.

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