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Closing The Achievement Gap

This training is available as a consultancy, a cluster or as staff INSET and is suitable for schools interested in promoting achievement for every child in the school, but especially the most vulnerable.

This motivating new training day from GAL Education looks at the declaration made in the Government’s recent White Paper for Education, which states: ‘no country that wishes to be considered world class can afford to allow children from poorer families to fail as a matter of course’.

During the day schools will be challenged on their thinking about:

  • The meaning of achievement

  • Special Needs children

  • Vulnerable groups

  • Children’s potential

  • And the school’s potential in raising achievement

Through exploration and evaluation of a range of types of evidence, schools will be able to identify the changes they can make in school and how they might use funding to effectively target the children who are capable of high achievement, despite their context and circumstances. This training goes on to suggest how to raise the attainment of these vulnerable children, despite those contexts and circumstances.

Benefits of this training:

  • A renewed understanding of the meaning of achievement
  • Understanding of how to find and use appropriate evidence
  • Identification of children who might be capable of achieving higher
  • Strategies to close the ‘achievement gap’ between ‘poorer’ and ‘richer’ children

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