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Liz Greensides

Liz Greensides

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Liz Greensides has become nationally known for her work in helping schools to make sense of the wide range of data now available. She is currently leading conferences across the country in this field; her publication “Managing Data Day to Day” (NAHT) brings together much of her work on managing, analysing and using a broad range of data for school improvement.

Liz is a freelance education consultant and trainer, having been involved as both a team and lead Ofsted inspector for several years. She also brings to her consultancy the rich experience of being a head teacher in two very different schools – firstly in a small rural church school, and then in a large inner city socially deprived CE Primary. Her work was highly praised by Ofsted, which cited the “rapid school improvement” as being a “remarkable achievement”.

Liz uses experience from her several different roles to bring an up to date approach to school improvement and development. She uses her analytical and evaluation skills to effectively support schools in raising children’s achievement across all subjects of the curriculum. She very much enjoys working with schools on all aspects of leadership and management, and puts development above all other aspects of her work.