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Kel Greensides

Kel Greensides

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0845 521 37 18

Kel has been a head teacher of two schools of widely different backgrounds. His twenty –two years of senior leadership experience in a variety of settings and social and cultural backgrounds is serving him well as a self –employed trainer, coach and facilitator.

Kel has a great deal of experience in aspects of Leadership and Management, having been seconded by his LA to develop a strategic plan for management development throughout the authority. He has been able to apply this experience in a variety on contexts, including working for the National College for School Leadership as a Lead Facilitator and consultant on the NPQH, Leading from the Middle, Leadership Pathways, and Bursar programmes.

As someone who actively supported the development of Teaching Assistants in his schools, he is currently involved as a regional adviser in the Yorkshire, Humberside and Teesside areas as support to Local Authorities in implementing the HLTA Maths and Science specialist programme.

He has trained as an Ofsted inspector as well as a denominational inspector and works closely with a number of HEIs as a link tutor for undergraduates and trainees on the Graduate Teacher Programme.