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School Business Manager Support

GAL Education has teamed up with nationally renowned consultants, who are experts in training School Business Managers at all levels of their career, to develop a training day that supports your SBM/Bursar/Finance Officer in one or more of the following focus areas:

Focus 1 – ‘Working with the Governing Body’

Are you getting the most out of your Governors? Do you think your governing body is helping the delivery of Value for Money?

Focus 2 – ‘School Funding’

What funding sources (such as grants) might be available to your school and how can you apply for them?

Focus 3 – ‘Managing Organisational Change’

Are you embarking on a change project in your school? Are you running a project which requires people to change their behaviours? How can you manage cultural change successfully?

Focus 4 – ‘Stakeholder Management’

When you're running a project, how can you identify your stakeholders? How can you communicate effectively with everyone involved?

Focus 5 – ‘Introduction to Procurement’

Not sure where to start with your school's procurement issues? Don't know what, or who, is involved in successful procurement?

Focus 6 – ‘Income Generation’

How can you generate income through better utilisation of your schools assets?

How it works:

On confirming an SBM Support day with GAL Education, our consultant will contact the school to plan the structure of the day around your desired focus area/s and outcomes. They will support you in tailoring a day to suit your specific requirements before visiting you in your school.
On the day, our consultant will work with you - the School Business Manager - on your planned focus area, developing your understanding of the underlying theory, national policy and new ideas of how it could be implemented and achieved in your particular school context.

Benefits for you and the school:

  • An increased understanding of the role of SBM
  • Greater confidence in the chosen focus area/s
  • New school procedures to achieve efficiency and value for money
  • Clear interpretation of the current policy context
  • Practical guidance to implement new initiatives in school