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RAISE Online

A service Provided by GAL Education

Price: £ 450.00 +VAT, including free UK postage and packing of bound report and CD

GAL Education offers the New RAISE Online Analysis package to guide you through your 2017 data analysis and evaluation. This package has proved to be very popular for a decade and is available again this year.


Liz Greensides is highly skilled at data analysis and doesn’t just outline what the data states, but goes a level deeper to make links within the data that begin to suggest reasons why.

RAISEOnline should be used as a tool for school improvement
rather than a stick with which to be beaten!

How does it work?

  • Liz highlights the key headlines for your school that are identified in the data and makes direct reference to specific tables and graphs where necessary.
  • A summary analysis is then made, looking at the implications of each section, and how the outcomes in particular might be interpreted by Ofsted
  • Key questions for the school are suggested, supporting the school in further evidence trails, and linking the outcomes to the provision
  • All reports which are sent to schools as both a hard copy and on a CD ROM to allow sections to be transferred to other documents, for report purposes.
  • The school has the option to purchase further consultancy support at a reduced cost, to look further at the impact of both leadership and provision on the outcomes

Further options:

  • Our RAISEOnline service is also available as a full consultancy day, offering more long term support in data analysis, and incorporating the school’s own data.
  • We also offer a very popular RAISE Awareness training day, for Local Authorities, clusters, and leadership teams, which supports school leaders in understanding, analysing and organising the data presented by RAISEonline.

“Thanks for the report - it has been very useful in writing my new SEF and SDP … I wish I had purchased your service earlier. Money very well spent, and will use the service again!” HT, Durham