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Pre-Inspection Audit

Professionally Prepared Pre-Inspection Audit by GAL Education

  • Report using RAISE and school’s self evaluation summaries. This is a full report, looking at all the issues raised, with suggested key questions for follow up. This option does not involve a school visit. 

  • A consultancy day in school, following Ofsted lines, using RAISE and school’s self evaluation as a starting point. A pre visit analysis is included in this day, with verbal feedback at the end of the day.

  • The Harrods’s Model – a full day audit, following Ofsted lines, and including pre visit analysis and full written report, usually within two days of the meeting. The report is presented as an electronic document, in order that it can be copied and pasted for a number of other purposes – Self Evaluation, GB reports, etc. 

Many school leaders are now preparing for Inspection, whether in the short or longer term. This audit will remove much of the anxiety surrounding the pre inspection period, and support leaders and managers in focusing on the real needs of the school. It will support school leaders in a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school from the viewpoint of an inspector preparing the Pre Inspection Briefing.

This audit from GAL Education uses the data from your latest RAISE Online, in conjunction with the school’s Self Evaluation and any other relevant data, to create a “Pre Inspection Report” for your school, along the lines of the Ofsted Pre Inspection Briefing, and in line with all the requirements of the Ofsted Evaluation Schedule.

The resulting document highlights areas which arise as provision or leadership focuses for Ofsted and areas where Self Evaluation and the data may differ in either judgement or substance. The GAL Pre Inspection Analysis will use the data from RAISE, and interpret this in the light of the context of the school and the information within the Self Evaluation. The school will then be able to consider its provision and leadership judgements, and come to robust conclusions, using this product to support its arguments.

The Pre-inspection Briefing will be an excellent support for any school when writing or updating their Self Evaluation and will be an accurate focus for discussion with any groups of stakeholders, including SIPs, Governors and Local Authority officers.

Word of Warning!! Whereas an official Ofsted PIB will prioritise certain areas, the GAL PIB will go much deeper, ensuring that the school is aware of any issues which may arise ….

The benefits of this service are:

  • To have a written indicative pre–inspection briefing
  • To have an interpretation of RAISE Online in the light of Ofsted Inspection requirements in relation to your self evaluation
  • To be able to see clear and accurate links between outcomes, provision, and leadership
  • To have a document to summarise and support the school’s self-evaluation
  • To provide an analytical support when sharing the school’s outcomes with all stakeholders

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