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Performance Related Pay Training for Governors & School Leaders

NB: For colleagues who have attended our very popular Teacher Standards Training, the content of this course is completely new; it can act as a follow-on from previous training, but does not cover the same content.

Are you ready the changes in September regarding teacher pay scales?

Consultants at GAL Education have developed a range of essential training workshops to guide all school leaders through the complex changes that will affect your school.  This training can be adapted for:

  • Head teachers

  • Senior team members

  • School Business Managers

  • School Governors

This training will:

  1. 1. Highlight all future changes to teachers’ pay that affect your school
  2. 2. Identify the implications for teachers at all stages of their career i.e.
    • Applicants for roles at your school
    • NQTs
    • Main scale teachers
    • Upper Pay Spine teachers
    • Teachers on the leadership Pay Spine
  3. 3. Aid school leaders in action planning for future changes
  4. 4. Provide key information to be included in school processes, policies and procedures relating to teachers’ pay
  5. 5. Support all school leaders in the management of this significant change in school

Suggested Training Options:

  • Cluster Workshops – A Full day training session with groups of school leaders from 3 or more schools
  • Governor Workshops – A Full day training session for school Governors from one or more schools
  • Cluster heads and governors – An afternoon workshop with head teachers and a twilight workshop with respective governors
  • SBM – 1 to 1 training with SBMs or cluster workshops