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Monitoring the EYFS

A course for head teachers and EYFS Leaders

This day is also suitable for tailored consultancy.

This course gives a clear way forward for ways to check on the effectiveness of the EYFS, and looks at different methods of tracking progress through this key stage. It examines the issues of achievement and attainment, and how these can be measured for such young children. It helps schools to develop a set of criteria to help evaluate the quality of teaching and learning within the FSL, and considers the key questions to ask when developing criteria to measure the overall effectiveness of provision. It focuses on how FSL units and classes can prepare for an Ofsted inspection, and provides practical tools for monitoring and evaluation.

Overall it will help schools to re evaluate the roles of FSL leaders, senior managers, and their staff.

During the day participants will:

Explore what “effective provision” means in the context of the Foundation Stage:

  • Effective teaching
  • An effective Foundation Stage curriculum
  • The role of assessment
  • Guidance and personalised learning in the Foundation Stage

Explore strategies for monitoring and evaluating provision:

  • What aspects should be monitored
  • How monitoring can be facilitated
  • When monitoring should take place
  • Why monitoring is necessary
  • Where monitoring will have the most effect
  • Who will take part in the monitoring process

Examine the role of leaders in the Foundation Stage

  • The ongoing role of self evaluation in the Foundation Stage
  • Vision and action planning
  • Working within the context of the whole school

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