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Monitoring Teaching

A Consultancy Day by GAL Education

This consultancy day takes the specific aspect of Monitoring    of Teaching from the publication, Monitoring & Self Evaluation and the Monitoring conference and looks at it in closer detail. Our consultants can work with Head Teachers and Senior Leaders to help them develop effective monitoring strategies that lead to improvement.

The day begins by outlining the specific needs of the school then focuses on the most strategic ways to collect, analyse and evaluate evidence that will lead to effective planning for improvement. This information can then be used for Self Evaluation purposes as well as in School improvement planning.


  • Clear guidance to help schools move Ofsted grades forward – e.g., from good to outstanding.
  • Supportive strategies and practical activities to aid head teachers in monitoring and evidencing their judgements to Ofsted.
  • A range of documentation and practical activities to support self evaluation and school improvement planning.


  • Ofsted’s perspective on monitoring
  • From good monitoring to great monitoring
  • Strategies for information gathering
  • How to be analytical
  • Accurate evaluation
  • Working with all stakeholders
  • Action planning from monitoring information

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