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Making the Most of Your Money

If we don't at least cover your costs with this consultancy then it's FREE!

Unbelievable? We're so confident in Kel's ability we're prepared to put our money on it.

This Training is suitable for Head Teachers, Senior Leadership Teams and School Business Managers in all areas and will be undertaken by Kel. Greensides.

With financial circumstances as they are, there has never been a more crucial time for getting your budget right. The spending review seemed favourable to Education, however schools will need to be fully accountable for every penny they spend...

The Government continues to hold ‘Value for Money’ as a key issue on their agenda.

GAL Education now offers this timely consultancy package to help schools address identified issues and deal with immediate concerns with regard to financial planning. It will allow schools to take a strategic approach to financial problems in a climate where spending must be closely monitored.

Key Outcomes:

  • A detailed analysis of the school's financial issues
  • New strategies for improving economy and efficiency

Short term benefits:

  • A review of school's financial surplus/deficit
  • Ensures that goods and services provided represent value for money
  • School is using the workforce to the best effect
  • School is using data and information to better support their strategic planning
  • School is more aware of different approaches to generate income (e.g. collaboration)

Long term benefits:

  • A clear view of the school’s financial situation
  • An “in-place” strategy for increasing value for money
  • Able to prioritise spending while optimising effectiveness

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