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Creative Curriculum Design Consultancy

Curriculum Design...

Support for your new ideas

GAL Education will help you plan and prepare for whatever curriculum changes are imposed upon us.

Our skill and experience will support you as you:

  • Identify your priorities

  • Set clear goals

  • Design your curriculum, for your school, in your context

  • Evaluate and assess—with children at the heart

  • Maintain, change or move on.

Design it, Plan it, Live it!

In house consultancy is the way many are choosing as the best way of developing a cutting edge curriculum which meets the needs of all children and all groups of children in an increasingly diverse society.

Schools are continually challenged to design a curriculum which is creative, which focuses on the key skills, and which raises standards throughout school. We recognise that this is still relevant, still important and no small task and one which raises several questions, including:

  • How to plan for coverage – how do we fit it all in?
  • What does cross curricular actually mean?
  • How creative is creative?
  • What is the role of key skills, and how do we ensure progression?
  • Won’t standards drop?
  • What will Ofsted say?
  • How complex should planning be?
  • This won’t work for my school because ……

We provide support to schools in exploring, developing and designing a creative, skills based curriculum which is personalised to each school, and which will not only raise standards in core subjects, but will develop children’s attitudes to learning across the curriculum.

We offer an introduction to curriculum innovation and design, with an emphasis on creativity and the development of key skills and subject specific skills. Essential aspects of the curriculum will be discussed, and ways to take forward the existing strengths of the school, whilst developing key areas of learning for all children.

Throughout the day the importance of creativity throughout the curriculum, with a focus on motivational learning will be reinforced. Leadership of the changing curriculum will be considered, with strategies for monitoring and auditing coverage, progress and standards

Examples of different curriculum designs will be explored, which are securely based on the school’s own specific circumstances. Further practical advice in curriculum building using the school’s own context will also be given.
We will:

  • Discuss the rationale for change, with an overview of the reasons and regulations
  • Explore aspects of the curriculum with key design points
  • Outline manageable ways of planning and auditing the curriculum

We will look at the changes needed for a long term impact on the quality of the curriculum – taking the good to outstanding. Each element in the design process for a thematic and creative curriculum is considered – from “fitting it all in”, to planning classroom sessions which are interactive, which challenge, and which encourage independent learning for all. This approach takes into account the need for children to develop and improve their key life skills and the core subjects, but also to raise their achievement and enjoyment in the foundation subjects. Strategies for the management of assessment of the foundation curriculum are also given.

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