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Using Data to Personalise Provision

Effective Use of Data to Personalise Provision

Suitable for training (InService, Governors, School Clusters and Leadership Teams) or consultancy

This one day programme has been designed to support colleagues in the use of data to personalise provision in terms of both teaching and the curriculum. It offers the opportunity to explore a wide range of data, and ways in which this can be analysed and used to meet the specific needs of all children in the school – individuals, groups, and cohorts.

Aspects of the programme include:

  • Exploring a wide breadth of data to evaluate needs

  • Using data to raise standards across the curriculum

  • The use of data across different elements of provision

  • Use of data to support personalised teaching and learning

  • Design of a personalised curriculum, including assessment and planning in foundation subjects

  • Using data to plan learning paths and targets for individual pupils

What delegates will gain from the course:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the wide range of available data
  • Greater understanding of how to analyse and use this data to improve all aspects of provision
  • Further awareness of ways to raise achievement for all children – individuals, groups, cohorts, and the whole school – and the importance of doing so.

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