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Data Audit

This consultancy involves a one day visit to the school with the option of a verbal or written report to summarise the findings.

This information will benefit:

  • Head Teachers

  • Senior Leaders

  • Assessment Leaders

  • Subject Leaders

  • School Governors

  • School Improvement Partners

The objective of the day is to evaluate all of the available data and suggest how the school might amend their data collection procedures in order to collect enough of the right data for further evaluation and analysis.

The training goes on to show leaders how to find correlations and patterns within their data that lead to solid conclusions about the provision in their school and how to present these findings to key stakeholders.

Our consultants are well experienced with all forms of data and will present their findings in a way that will lead to clear action planning for the future. We have a range of consultants who specialise in particular phases from EYFS through to KS4 and Sixth Form.

This service takes a look at all school data including:

  • Fischer Family Trust
  • RAISE Online
  • Foundation Stage
  • School Tracking
  • Teacher Assessment

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