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Data Analysis Workshop

This day is suitable for both consultancy and training, and has proved very popular for Local Authorities, schools and clusters around the country. The first part of the day explains the various tables and graphs found in Raiseonline and Fisher Family Trust. During the afternoon, delegates are supported on an individual basis in interpreting and analysing their own data. This course is invaluable when completing self evaluation and in reviewing and evaluating the School Improvement Plan.

It aims to dispel the notion that "Self Evaluation" can be done in a day and bases self evaluation securely on the leadership’s knowledge of the school.

Consultancy days use many of the materials and strategies of the similar training course, but relates these specifically to the school – from what leaders are currently doing, to a range of developmental strategies. School leaders will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the day in the context of their own school, and to be supported by a range of tailor made solutions. NB This will be tailored specifically to the needs of each school, in a pre consultancy phone call.