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19 May

The National Curriculum is currently under significant review, and the changes made are likely to be hard hitting. On the one hand schools are promised more freedom in what they will teach, and how they will deliver it, but there is also a strong indication that in some areas there will be far more direction than ever before.

10 May

Schools face challenging financial circumstances. Funding growth has already slowed, after real terms increases of 56% between 1997/98 and 2007/08.  Recent forecasts for public expenditure beyond 2010/11 clearly indicate that there will be tighter funding. Those with financial responsibilities in all public services, therefore, have to consider how resources can be put to best use.

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18 Apr

In my former role as a leader in a small school in the North East, I suddenly found myself with the task of writing a Social Networking policy for staff when an issue of professionalism reared its head. 

As the only member of the team who regularly logged in to the likes of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, I was in the best position to highlight the potential dangers to staff and pupils when using this relatively new phenomenon.