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22 Apr

Firstly, an apology! We're sorry for the lack of updates on our blog.  You see, we've been so busy since our last blog in October - writing books, holding conferences, developing curriculum ideas etc. etc. etc. - that we simply have not had the time.  But, we aim to put that right from today.  So look out for the new blogs containing snippets of education information, or thoughts from Liz Greensides or questions that may have been raised by our colleagues.

11 Oct


It’s very difficult to believe that we’ve been back long enough for it nearly to be half term …. Then Christmas will be upon us. Good grief!

It has been lovely, as usual in September and October, to catch up with so many colleagues in so many schools, finding out about the summer holidays, this year’s SATs, and how schools are coping with the many changes in the DfE and in Ofsted. In the very near future I will be working on our usual glut of RAISE analyses; fortunately, possibly sadly, I really enjoy the mental exercise which this gives!

2 Jul

Hi! Tom here (GAL's Business Manager).

I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you know that I am moving on to pastures new.  I will continue to work for GAL on an ad-hoc basis, managing the website and keeping a check on things, but as of the 1st of September I'm officially a teacher again!

17 Jun

As we near the end of another school year, with all the excitement of sports days, trips out, reports (!) and transition, our thoughts begin to turn to the beginning of next year.

Next year will continue to be a year of many changes, some of which will be difficult, perhaps contentious, and often exciting …. Performance management and its link to pay, the preparation for the 2014 curriculum, being just two of these changes which will affect schools – from school leaders, to classroom teachers and to the children themselves.

23 May

We currently engage with a lot of heads around the country discussing the issues affecting PRP and performance management. Many heads we meet know very little about the changes ahead, but we have been able to support them in their preparation for PRP.

We have written a new interactive electronic publication that supports schools and teachers in their own performance management and helps them to evaluate their performance against the teacher standards and ofsted criteria for teaching. It goes on to provide support for development and improvement in the profession.