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3 Oct

Whilst the days are growing shorter in the world outside education, it seems as though they are getting increasingly longer for staff in schools. Nicky Morgan – by now well known as the replacement for Michael Gove – appears to have some concern for the number of hours which teachers and school leaders are putting in each week.

15 Sep

It has been fascinating to observe the shifts in emphasis from Ofsted over the last few months, culminating in a September revision for the Evaluation Framework, and a letter to Heads from Sir Michael indicating the new focus on assessment and tracking of the new curriculum.

15 Jul

As an education consultancy firm, it is often wise to remain impartial regarding political change.  Occasionally we do step off the fence, when common sense must prevail, but generally we try to leave the 'ranting' to the unions and to you.  We will always listen to what you have to say and hopefully we can support you and lead you in the best direction for your staff and your school - no matter what the political change or agenda.

3 Jun

All change again in Ofsted, we've noted here at GAL!

16 May

Well, another SATs week well and truly over … all over but the counting, any way! This year has seen some small changes, and some large errors - many of you will have noticed that the instructions for the L6 reading test varied by 10 minutes, depending on which set of instructions were read … it's impossible surely for these results to be valid? As the Standards and Testing Agency said, "  … this mistake was clearly unfortunate …." Hmmm.