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Update: Where is Liz? What does the future hold?

Where is Liz?

Hi all,

Well, as you may have worked out, GAL Education has had a bit of 'down-time' recently.  Back in January 2016, Liz took the role of Head Teacher at an academy in the North East of England and, as such, hasn't had the time or energy to deliver consultancy and training, to the level she once did.  She has managed to write a very useful and popular RAISE Online e:book and she's also delivered a small number of cluster training events on the same topic.

The future

Liz isn't giving up on GAL Education! She is loving every minute in her role as HT, but she will continue to write her much loved publications and there may be some capacity in future to provide some 1:1 or cluster group training.

Please keep up to date with our develoments on this website and if you have any queries, just email info@gal-education.com

Thanks for your continued interest and support!