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SELF Evaluation - do it yourself...

The clue is in the name!

We're aware that the option of having your Self Evaluation document written for you is now widely availble.  There are several agencies that will take your performance data and your old SEF and write a new SEF for you - without even stepping foot inside your school.  While we fully understand the burden of writing the document, is it beneficial to offload the process to someone who doesn't know the school as well as you do?

Self Evaluation means just that: SELF evaluation - which involves collecting evidence yourself; evaluating that evidence yourself and planning your next steps yourself! Yes, you might need someone to guide you through this process - that is our (GAL Education's) 'Raison d'être' afterall.  We are here to help you through the process, but we feel that it is your process; to be developed by you, for you and ultimately for your children.

We WON'T write your SEF for you

We WON'T write your School Improvement Plan for you

We WON'T just tell you the key issues within your school

Liz's forthcoming 2 day conference and publication guides you through the whole process: 'From Successful Self Evaluation to Strategic School Improvement' [Click for details]

We WILL provide a FREE GAL SEF Template on request

We WILL Analyse your data and compare this with your current SEF to evaluate your evaluation

We WILL provide all the guidance and support you need to collect the relevent evidence and evaluate this, before developing a robust school improvement plan - so that you are fully involved in the process and therefore fully aware of the issues relating to leadership, curriculum, teaching & learning within your school.