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Analysing the new RAISE Document

This new publication from Liz Greensides follows the very popular format of previous books supporting the analysis of RAISE, but has been fully updated to explain clearly the many new concepts, tables, graphs and data sets.  It has been designed to reduce the headaches that the new RAISE may well cause this year, in the new world of scaled scores, greater depth and progress from one measure to a completely different one.

This new publication gives leaders a full insight as to what individual tables and charts mean for their school, and against national measures. All leaders in Primary Schools will find strategies within this e:publication for the effective use, management and analysis of RAISE data to raise standards in their school.

This publication comes as a complete package, and includes four separate elements:

  • An interactive and analytic Word Document, to support the school’s own notes and comments, and as a basis for the SEF
  • A PowerPoint Document which explains each RAISE table in detail, to facilitate its use with Senior Leaders, the Governing Body and other Key Stakeholders.
  • A step by step guide to using the Online elements of RAISE
  • A simple guide to comparing tables against each other

Benefits for School Leaders:

  • Interpret and analyse your own data to make accurate judgements
  • Use to support accurate self-evaluation on the school’s context, and achievement
  • Raise the expectations of staff and pupils in order to raise standards in your school